Commoditizing Connectivity.

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“Osprey's latest OCPI integration between ENAPI and Ospey's Iris Platform further reinforces our commitment to third party roaming in the UK and ensuring a seamless charging experience for all EV drivers.”

Harry Bleasdale, Commercial Strategy Lead, Osprey Charging Network

“As Octopus builds towards global, reliable charging coverage, we're excited to have partnered with ENAPI to help us achieve that vision and help address common issues present in the EV ecosystem today.”

Matt Davies, Director & Founder, Octopus Electroverse

“JUCR positions itself as the leading end-to-end charging ecosystem in Europe. ENAPI assists us in roaming with other marketplace participants in a scalable manner and with consistently high data quality.”

Richard Birich & Max Grollmann, Founders, JUCR

“Paua is committed to seamlessly connecting with all CPOs through OCPI. ENAPI will empower us to fulfill this mission.”

Niall Riddell, CEO & Co-Founder, Paua

“Monta is pleased to join ENAPI as a strategic partner, reinforcing our commitment to continuously expand our roaming network of both CPOs and EMSPs.”

Martin Majlund & Puya Neda, Monta

“The Vision of ENAPI to simplify and fluidity roaming connections across all networks is strongly aligned with Electra’s DNA, to bring a fast, reliable and seamless charging experience to consumers in Europe. We are excited to support such innovations that shake the industry status-quo.”

Brice Bourreau, Chief Product Officer, Electra

“The new strategic partnership between Compleo and ENAPI marks a significant milestone on our journey to expand the roaming network. ENAPI lays the foundation for a smooth OCPI integration process with external partners.”

Dennis Leidgebel, Senior Roaming Manager, Compleo Charging Software


The Transaction Broker facilitates seamless roaming between Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) at scale. By leveraging an OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) connection, you can connect with a diverse network of businesses, unlocking mutual benefits.


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As an infrastructure layer company, focuses on building the most secure, reliable, and scalable platform for stakeholder collaboration in the EV industry. exists to commoditize connectivity and, thus, fuel the green mobility revolution.